Tuesday, 6 November 2012


After a 3 hour train ride - sorry girls but it was not as comfortable as you made out :) we arrived in a rainy Budapest, stopped off in McDonalds for the free wifi (or wee fee as the hungarians say) and to check directions. Luckily the hotel was only a 30 minute walk in the rain to the hotel!

The next day (Friday) weather was beautiful and warm in the morning, decided to explore, we had all the tourist attractions booklets, but decided like true brits to leave them and see where we ended up!
Citadel - we should have been warned about the up hill struggle to get to the top! Beautiful views of Buda and Pest, (Jonty had a go on archery. He's no Robin Hood!)
Catching British, Australian and American accents walking about - unlike Debrecen. 

Visited the Royal Palace, polished off with our now customary Espresso.

Visited Heroes Square/Park, we were unsure (should have taken our tourist booklets!
Saturday - we agreed on the train that were going to find a bar and do nothing but drink and watch the football. United followed by Chelsea followed by City. We made some new friends in the bar from down south and after Orry went back to the hotel, not too well, I went with my new friends to hooters :D I'll say no more.

Sunday was just a lazy day of recovery back in Debrecen. Me and Orry will be working together this week at a conference for renewable energy. Potential to learn something...

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