Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The girls have gone home and now it's the turn of Orry and Jonty to experience life in Hungary! Over to you guys....

A while in Debrecen 

So after 10 hours traveling, we arrived at the house. All was in darkness as we rung the bell. A Hungarian voice came over with what I can only assume was hello, so, naturally, I responded and said hello. The receiver immediately slammed down. Orry and I looked at each other hoping this was the right place and not just some random house that the taxi driver had dropped us off at. One very long, awkward minute later the door opened and we were ushered inside. We were shown our rooms and retired for the morning.

At some point on Sunday (we didn't know the official time until 1545 due to the clocks changing) we got up, took a trip or several to Tesco. 4 to be a day. Got what we needed though. Sunday afternoon we took a venture into a deserted Debrecen. We found the shopping centre, which we only went in because it was warm and had working wifi. We got the code for the wifi at 'home' only for it to break within an hour (not our fault!) the washing machine however, was! (Orry, not me!!) yes the washing machine is f****d! 

Anyway back to the shopping centre, clean and warm. As are the streets really, apart from warm of course. 

Monday morning, pouring rain, 9.30 and right on time Zsuzsanna arrived to take us to work but not before a tour of Debrecen. Then took Orry to work an dropped him off with Valeria, Gabor and Christina. Then Zsuzsanna and I walked to the the Eszak-Alfold Regional Development Agency and introduced me to 'the crew'. Zoltan and Melinda. And we found out that Thursday (Day of the Dead) and Friday are national holidays. Result! But we have to work next saturday to compensate :/ So we are off to Budapest of an extra long weekend. Well that's the first couple of days done and its rather good...and I've found a gym :D

22 degrees of separation

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