Wednesday, 14 November 2012


On a trip to the Forum shopping centre, for nothing in particular just for nosey, we turned down a quite and what looked like a deserted street when we came across four rather unpleaseant children kicking some dead pigeons against a wall (i have no idea why there were so many pigeons dead, it might be like culling badgers back in the UK, i am not sure).
Anyhow back in the UK we would have politely asked the young children to have stopped booting this dead pigeon against a wall, but who were we to argue with the Hungarian tradition of kick a bird day, at this point we run towards the poor helpless pigeon's and with a mighty boot leather it against the wall screaming, in John Smith style, 'HAVE IT' - it wont be relieving itself on me again anytime soon!.....

No that was a joke, what we actually did was keep our heads down and carry on walking hoping that these deluded children wouldn't notice we were staring in their direction and throw it at us!

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