Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Oh yeh also forgot to post this earlier. On our second night we realised we were 'gazdag' (it means rich/wealthy, thanks Hungarian dictionary!) here so decided to eat out, we had the recommendations that Shaunna and Katie had highlighted previously and also from our little tour with Zsuzsanna (i am sure that's how its spelt). Jonty mentioned that he had seen a nice looking oneas he walked home called IKON - so we decided to try this one. On opening the door to IKON we realised that Orry in his jeans and a jumper, Jonty in chinos and a zip up jacket were undeniably underdressed for this place!
After the waiter showing us to our seats, with a look of distain i must add, we settled down for probably the best meal we have ever had!
Ordering food at this place was simple as the waiters spoke very good English, so we didnt just point at our menu and speak really slow, like we did on our first visit to McDonalds (we managed an entire week until we got to Budapest, where i think it is safe to say we walked into one on every other corner - how could we resist!)

- It is safe to assume that we will be back to IKON on our last night in Debrecen!

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