Monday, 12 November 2012

Well that’s another week gone and we are now halfway through our placement here in Hungary (Wooo! Its been a lot harder than our blog suggests).
Last week was the renewable energy peer review for the Eszak-Alfold region. Attending would be peers from Sweden (There English is probably better than both of ours put together), Romania (Ask me to take another picture of you and i will shove the camera.....), Bulgaria (there is nothing like stumbling into a review 2 hours late is there), Greece (he wanted to have an input on the financial side of it - woooo, lets concentrate on your own country first fella) and Holland (Peter the cigar smoking ex-banker - we will miss you! Luckily Jonty's accent of him is brilliant, so we will get by). Are main jobs were basicaly to help make sure everything ran smoothly and to take notes - Jonty is now finding out that maybe he should have listened more during the long list of presentations in broken Enlish!
Presentations, Presentations, Presentations!

The site visit/s taking their toil!

It was actually quite interesting, not to mention that there was free lunch every day and enough left over to take home and have for tea #cheapweek and Thursday night was the traditional Hungarian meal. It was set on a old farm and we were welcomed by a whip cracking Hungarian farmer (i thing he was a farmer as we were on a farm?!?). 
We discovered the delights of traditional Hungarian home brew Palinka - Egeszsegedre! Apparently its medicine by the spoon but poison by the glass…We can agree with that one hahaa. The food was awesome though, first it was like a flatbread with a yoghurt and bacon pieces, sounds horrible but after a couple of Palinka's it was bloody gorgeous. Then it was soup with pork, potato, carrots, peas and sour cream, then it was duck with red cabbage and roasted veg and in true style we got to eat with our figures!!!. For dessert there were different pastries filled with different things, jam, cream, custard etc.
After everybody had drunk and ate their body weight, we all had a go at cracking a whip, to nobodies suprise Orry sucked - Jonty managed to get a noise off the whip! The best though was Orry's boss Gabor, after a litre of Palinka and god knows how many bottles of wine he was like a mad man cracking this whip here there and everywhere!
Oh, there was....what we would call noise, they called music - pretty cool outfits though!
Orry you forgot to SMILE!
Our favorite Ex-Banker lording it up over his....Sheep?!?

We learnt a lot throughout last week during the peer review but we learnt more that Orry's boss is the coolest, not only did he offer to import him cigarettes, cheap football tickets, let him have Friday afternoon and Saturday off work but he also (possibly in his drunken state) offered to take all the blokes to a lapdance club! Yes Orry's boss wanted all the blokes from the delgation to go to a lapdance club! 
This i think is where we will have to leave the story......................

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