Monday, 1 October 2012

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work we go...

So we survived the Monday morning today!! Work was good, we met lots of nice people and set about doing some tasks we had been given. I was given more translating of English stuff, and an email reminder to about 200 people for a conference they are attending in Brussels next week! Sounds like fancy stuff! Shaunna finally found out what her company does...which is all about teaching the average person about European laws and teaching them about Europe in general. Even now she is telling me facts she has learnt, and I'm multi tasking by listening yet typing at the same time...

Something we did have to get our heads around today is the Hungarian office keyboard. Everything is in different places, and it turns out its infuriating when you're fingers are used to going to the same place! There are 3 different O's and 3 U's in hungarian language, something to do with the sounds they make, but let me tell you it creates havoc on a keyboard! Everythings is squished to make way for this surge of extra vowels and whilst it seems pointless I am ranting about this it really is very annoying after the first ten times!!

So no exciting stories to tell today unfortuntnatly, work is work and work is work! But it was nice to chat to new people, and listening to everyone matter away in Hungarian is just surreal! I've been asked to work this Saturday on a workshop at the university, somehow ending up with a wine tasting event! You know, as you do. Who said work was all work and no play?!

We've actually stayed in tonight and cooked our own tea...all from the English section of tesco's! We're alive to tell the tale, and it's a miracle!!

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