Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Working life.

I know it's been a while since the last post..and since then we have been on more trips, which I will make sure me and Katie do write up, with pictures...but I wanted to write something about the working side of this Hungarian experience.

Today is my last full day in Debrecen, and my last day at work, when I first heard about this project and how you would be working away for a month, it took a while to convince me this would be a good idea, in my head I was thinking, "why would I want to go to work in a different country when I can just work here?, Why would anyone want to go learn a new job for just a month?". All the questions I could think of can be given one very simple answer "It's once in a lifetime".

This whole month has been an experience I wouldn't want to change, work has been interesting and not too difficult for me to become stressed, my boss is beyond amazing, taking her time to explain everything to me, answering my ignorant questions, helping me translate words, offering to take me round to different places, introducing me to different people, all so I could get a fuller experience. I've grown more confident within myself that even though I may not be able to speak a different language I can still make myself understood and communicate with the people around me.

I am genuinely sad to be leaving a country I never would have visited if it wasn't for this opportunity  Hungary is a vast and beautiful country, with such an intriguing, different history and culture to our own, one that I never would have learnt about.

I know that if in the future I ever get a chance like this again (Which I very much doubt) I wouldn't even think twice about accepting, because if the next experience could be half as good as this one I'd do it.

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