Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 6 - Last night we committed a sin...

...We couldn't help ourselves I personally think we did very well to stay away for as long as we did...we went to McDonald's !! But honestly before you judge whose idea was it to put our accommodation literally around the corner from McDonald's?!  We're two young English girls who at home used to have McDonald Friday EVERY Friday sometimes even on a Wednesday! So  day 5, after walking passed it three or four times a day, we deserved medals from staying away from temptation for so long, that is almost a week! It was quite humorous to see the Hungarian staff give us that half smirk of "typical English, ordering a Big Mac with LARGE fries". Yeah that's right! 
So I've started work now, today will be 3rd real day and i've got to say I am starting to really get into this whole thing! Yesterday I only worked in the morning as I was lucky enough to be offered an Hungarian lesson from the fabulous Eseter, who did what I can only describe as a mirecle, my poor French teachers struggled for five years to teach me any form of French and still to this day I can barely string a sentence together (always much preferred to practice my farmer accent) I was scared and nervous that she would think I was stupid or that I was being rude because I couldn't pronounce the words,, but it was the complete opposite, she took her time and we started right from the beginning, back to the alphabet and how different accents make difference sounds! And I can semi-confidently string the odd sentence together, asking for the bill, asking for certain things of the menu, my informal hellos and goodbyes! I actually think with a bit more time I might be brave enough to try actually speaking to a native! (ahhhhh). But it's not my Hungarian that impresses people, it's actually my English! Today I was asked by some colleagues if I would have a chat with their son, so he could practice with the best (I have been doing this for 21 years now!) and I also went into a school today and was asked a million and one questions from the children, as there english teacher actually leanrt english in hungary and has never been to England? So she wanted to hear how I pronounce certain words, and some more casual sayings! No-one speaks the queens English anymore "one finds it rather old fashioned, if I do say so myself". they wanted to know what my name was, what my favourite film was, how old I was and lots of other questions (I'd just like to say johnny depp is NOT my favourite actor, I panicked!) 
So far I am having such and interesting time, I feel like I've already learnt so much my head might explode at any second! 

Now for this weekend, I need some plans, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great! Katie is working late on Friday and all day Saturday, I have no friends! Is it really sad if I go to the zoo by myself?! Or should I take a big trip?! I need someone to make a decision for me times running out....

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