Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 2 - So this is Debrecan?

"I can't wait to go exploring" 
We woke up this morning full of childish excitement to finally explore the city we'll be calling home for month, it turns out the second biggest city is small enough to actually notice the same people throughout the day...a big culture shock from manchester, where people are crushing into you left right and centre. The streets are longer, wider and cleaner and actually even with the language barrier very easy to manoeuvre, if you can follow a straight line you've pretty much got it covered!
So first attraction of the day was the famous big yellow church, even the pope visited once...we know this as we took the tour! Though everything was in Hungarian, we tried to piece together what we could. Next up was the million, tiny, wooden steps to the top of the tower to see the best views all across Debrecan! Though we genuinely thought at times we could fall and plummet to our death at any second, it was defiantly worth it, they weren't joking when they said Hungary is the flattest country in Europe, you could easily see for miles, and with clear blue sky's it was picture perfect (if only we could work out how to post pictures we'd prove it) and all this for 350f (that's right £1!!!)
After recovering our breaths and slowing our heartbeats down, we were put to shame by many over 70's who were waiting patiently for us blunder past...our next challenge was working out how to get the tram to go visit the university. Jo had already warned us that she couldn't work it out so it was one of the first questions we asked Zophia, for the boys going after us, you buy them from newsagents, so after Katie using her spectacular "English in a foreign country" impression we bought tram tickets to the end of the city for a meer 280f....I'm fairly sure that's cheaper than a child's single on the buses at home.
After a really quick and pleasant trip on the tram and a small mishap with getting off a little earlier than needed (we did get to see a huge cement tower, what was that for?! And a small trip to the hospital that was bigger than Tameside) we did make it to the university, after witnessing our second wedding of the day, eating a rather spicey hot dog, we watched the fountains infront of what I could only describe as a smaller version of "Buckingham palace" (maybe we both would have stuck it out at university if it looked like that). It truly was beautiful and totally free to have a nosey round.

We've checked the map, and pretty much ticked all boxes for what we can do in Debrecan, thank god for wi-fi at our accommodation, as I'm writing this Katie's in the process of finding what mischief we can get up to further a field! I think working out the train station will be our next challenge...

Oh and by the way for unhealthy people like me...20 cigarettes are only 850f...that's right, more or less £3! It's only our second day and I've already decided I'm never coming home :)

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