Sunday, 30 September 2012

A pilgrimage for a sandwich...

So today we decided to take a trip to the train station...have a look on the departure board and see where we ended up. Which was Romania. At the time we thought it was a good idea, we'd already googled a few certain places just over the border of Hungary, so we thought we knew what we were letting ourselves in for....oh no no. How wrong we were! Buying the ticket was cheap and easy enough thanks to the lady at the desk and her basic English. And it was only the equivilant of a tenner for a return, that's into a different country and everything! Can you imagine just hopping on the train to France for a tenner?! Anyway, this was lovely and all, but what we failed to realise was that we were boarding a local 'stops-at-every station' kinda train and it took 3 hours to get there. It looked like an easy enough distance on the map! Honest!
So we finally arrive in it's an hour ahead timewise, so that left us little time before the train back to Debrecen. So all we did was go get us some food. It's officially the longest journey we've ever undertaken for a ham and tomato sandwich. And shaunna doesn't like tomatoes. Or Romania for that matter. It was full of people who stared at us, and we probably upset them just with our general english presence. We attempted food at a pizzeria, but it didn't sell pizza's...or food...we could only come to the conclusion pizzeria in Romanian actually mean 'bar'. So we settled for a some crisp form the shop, but these weren't just any crisp, these were Hazlenut crisps. Yep, Hazlenut crisps. And for me, sausage crisp. As such, we didn't like Romanian food. We just walked back to the train station, found a random sandwich shop, and waited for the train. This was the best bit about the day. It was one of those mega old train's where you get a private compartment with the chairs facing each other...think Sherlock Holmes travelling on the train in the Victorian ages! You could have the window down and stick your head out like a dog- I enjoyed this immensely. And got a full whack of Romanion air in my face. Enjoyed watching the world go by, the rural areas of Hungary and Romania are just flat and have little shacks for homes where the people farm their land. Big culture shock to see how the other half live - they don't have much but they look like they live a peaceful and content life away from the big city centres of hustle and bustle.
After having our passport checked several times over by armed police, we were back in Hungary and very off to the number one bistro we went. Number one because it's the only one! We had such good food there on our first night and thought we would give it another go. We will probably be on first name terms with the waiters by the time we come home!
So to round up, we did go to a whole other country for the day. And that's a new flag I can collect. Winner! And whilst we did not enjoy it, the train station at Debrecen and the trains themselves make us willing and excited to hop on another train to somewhere. Budapest next weekend. As long as its not Serbia, I think we'll be fine.
So the weekend's fun is over, because we have our first Monday morning to deal with tomorrow...dum dum duuuuum!!! We'll let you know what mischief we can get up to in a Hungarian workplace. Since my whole office couldn't get any of the computers to have English Microsoft word the other day, it should be very interesting!!!

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