Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Last Days in Hungary

Our last days were full of excitment to finally be going home, admittedly the pair of us had a twinge of doubt about leaving a country and people we had come round to enjoying.
Our last day in work was great and we were given many, many bottles of Palinka to enjoy on our way back home!
Our last night was spent in iKON where we spent our remaining Florint on a fantastic meal, comprising of pork belly, shrimps, soups, duck and a sorbet to as Jonty says clean our palate!
On our way to the airport (sharing a taxi with a old lady....i dont think that will catch on in the UK) we were pulled over by a angry looking police officer who decide he wanted our passports for checking! After reluctantly handing over our passports and the man agreeing our passports were in fact real - no forgeries from Western Europe! we were on our way home.
Reflecting on it our experience in Hungary was fasinating, we certainely didnt enhance our Hungarian to a generous level but we made many friends and appreciate everything that was done to make our stay enjoyable and productive and we both would certainly recommend the LEONARDO Project.......maybe though for diffent reasons.

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